Thirty-Five years ago, Tapetes Hortense was born. Created by Maria Hortense, she brought a modern and innovative handcraft production house to life at only 19 years old. After dedicating the first years of the project to building both business and brand, she later opened the first store in Cascais, traveled to the USA to promote her rugs, and attended the most important Portuguese Arts & Crafts fairs and exhibitions.

In the middle of the '90s, after opening her first shop in Arraiolos, a new bolder and multi-disciplinary shop was inaugurated. Despite fierce competition, her urgency for presenting contemporary crafts gave her the confidence to take the step.

Throughout the years, Maria reaped the success of her initial efforts. In 2009, she decided to broaden, once again, the international reach of Tapetes Hortense. This period, highlighted by collaborations with American Interior Designers, is also marked by the rug specially designed for Pope Francis, personally offered on a trip to Vaticano.

In 2016 Maria proposed CARRIS, Lisbon's public transport entity, a creative partnership. She projected the adornment of one of Lisbon's historical Trams by embroidering the inside with the Arraiolos's stitch using the same design offered to Pope Francis.

Tapetes Hortense has no secrets in regards to the production. Since the inception of the company Maria Hortense and her team have been committed and dedicated to their craft. And, since day one, putting their passion into every single piece by them embroidered.